Maria L. Prean

Maria with Richard, Angel and PatrickI was born in Innsbruck.

Even as a child the question "Why am I here?" was important to me. Since having a deep experience of Jesus Christ at the age of seven, I know that HE loves me and that my life belongs to HIM.

Since that time I have sensed God’s guidance in my life. Even though I didn’t always understand some ways at first, when I look back I can see that God makes no mistakes.

Today I am able to bring hope and joy to many people and lead them into a personal love relationship with Jesus Christ.

When I visited Uganda for the first time in 1996, I had no idea of what the Lord had prepared for this country!

In the meantime I have many times been able to experience God working in Uganda in an increasingly greater way; and during every visit I am set alight anew by the fire burning in the hearts of the people here. I must confess that I feel very, very much at home on this continent.

Maria with childrenIn January 2001 I flew to Uganda again, this time to spend three weeks preaching the gospel in various places to the African people, and to minister at the AfriCamp in Kampala. I received so much myself whilst doing this.

I was very excited and full of expectation as I commenced on this ministry - because of prophetic words which I had received earlier about a new ministry that God was preparing me for. During a conference in Southern Uganda, two African women came up to me with prophetic impressions. The first one saw me in front of a huge, black gate which opened slowly, and behind the gate was a lot of gold and light. The second woman saw a huge funnel above my head, and much blessing was flowing into this, and then like channels through me and out into the right places. Two days later the LORD spoke clearly to me that I should trust him to care for thousands of needy children in Uganda, so that they would grow spiritually, emotionally and vocationally into their calling and destiny.

Maria L. Prean

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